Reiki success stories


No matter what life drops in your path, Reiki will help you step over it.

This past year was [my husband’s] 4th, and hopefully last, deployment. The difference between this deployment and all the others has been Reiki.

If you fall down a few times along the way, Reiki will give you the strength to keep getting up.

Jennifer Paugh

The biggest gift has been clarity of thought and action combined with fearlessness.

My biggest frustration before the taking the Master training was stress. After the class, I am more positive and have learned to be more calm and centered with my stress. I am not afraid to face the future, not worried about uncertainty and ambiguity.

Venkat Srinivasan

I feel immensely blessed and grateful for the class and the wonderfully gifted instruction I received from Michal and Dawn.

The day after class, I implemented the Reiki techniques on [my husband] and his comment was: ‘I don’t know what you did, but it worked, headache and queeziness is gone.’ How grateful am I to be a vessel of such healing.

Jill Dana Corbitt-Castillo

Reiki has taught me how to be happy and enjoy life… Enjoy the moment, and Just Be.

The best gift I could have given myself is Reiki. I have learned to give and receive love. Reiki taught me to love myself first and then share that with others.

Patricia Burford

Today’s Reiki class was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

I just wanted to write to you while everything is still fresh. I didn’t speak about it in class because words could not encompass the feelings I had. Not only were my hands hot and I felt tingling all over my body. I could also feel a spinning in my root chakra. I am overjoyed and peaceful at the same time. Thank you for the gift of Reiki.

Valerie Dotson

Never experienced anything like it!

Reiki has been such a gift to me! Last night, I all of a sudden woke up in the middle of night and had the urge to write things down. A lot of things I really never thought about, like a light bulb went off! Very strange feeling, but eye opening! So many different things have just been flowing out of me!

Rocio Espinola

Giving myself the love and tenderness I deserve.

Giving Reiki to myself every day helps me take time out for myself, to refill my ‘cup,’ so to speak. To live more in the Reiki ideals, which I have always valued, but have not always made a conscious part of my daily life.

Laurie Cook

Reiki helps me create work-life balance

Prior to the Reiki Training, the amount of stress in my work in the corporate arena was ruling was my world. I needed some help in managing the boundaries in how much time and energy I was giving to work. After completing the training, I am much calmer than I was before, less involved emotionally in decisions regarding work, and much clearer in what doing well at work means.

Theresa Schnider

Thank you for the remarkable spirit you’ve shared teaching me Reiki.

My Reiki training has given me the most amazing release … Through the challenges of life and the health of others around me, the Reiki principles bring me back to center, reminding me to balance myself.

Linda Rogers Goodman

After the Reiki training with Michal, I started to use it every day and saw the incredible results almost immediately.

I have been suffering from the anxiety attacks almost all my life. It has been difficult to hide them and appear as the balanced, calm person, especially when I had been stressed out. Michal recommended Reiki as the way to balance my energy and reduce the stress. After the Reiki training with Michal, I started to use it every day and saw the incredible results almost immediately. I didn’t have any anxiety attacks for two months and feel myself more relaxed and happy than any other time for the last 20 years. Thank you, Michal, for the great gift.

D. Kats, M.D.

Ever since starting using Reiki in my life on a daily basis I feel more in tune with everything and feel an even deeper connection with all things in the universe.

I find myself much more calm and less stressed in my daily life since incorporating Reiki into my life. I feel more energized and find Reiki helps me get to sleep much faster at night with deeper restful sleep. I believe Reiki was also beneficial to me in the time of my father passing, which was very soon after the Level 1 attunement, it helped me to be more at peace with his passing, which I feel would have been much more difficult if not for the use of Reiki and the community sending Reiki to myself and my family.

Todd Myers